A perfect place to stay! Here you can find all the facilities of a hotel – room service, breakfast included, swimming pool and social area – and a delightful sight!

Pousada do Morro Lodge offers bedrooms for 2, 3 or 4 guests and flats for 4 or 5 guests, all equiped with enough comforts to make you relax.

This comfortable Lodge is approximately 80 km south from the centre of Florianópolis, the capital of the State of Santa Catarina, in Garopaba. From Pousada do Morro Lodge to the sea, one only has to walk 400 m. Yet it’s located at Ferrugem Beach, in a quiet area, only half a mile from the local centre which has a lively nightlife.

The region is well known for its uneven contour of coastal line. Cliffs, and hills by the seaside make up large bays with natural harbours and white-sanded beaches, configuring a perfect place to rest and enjoy nature.

Ferrugem Beach

Ferrugem is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Garopaba region.

It looks like paradise, with trees which provide shadow and good waves for surfing and other sports.

May and June are ideal for fishing and in August and September whales travel from the cold Antartic region to the cristal clear waters of Ferrugem beach to take raise their offspring.

Here you can enjoy long walks through the nature full of hills and trees and play soccer or volley-ball.

At night, during summer, you can enjoy a lively nightlife at the local centre which is located just a quarter mile from the lodge.


Garopaba is a delightful place with a rich, varied and captivating nature; an old fishermen´s village that grew into a small leisure resort. There are restaurants and places to visit. It is also a good place for long walks. If you want to explore the region, Do Morro Lodge at Ferrugem Beach would be ideal as your starting point.

Going north one will find the beaches of Silveira, Garopaba, Siriu, Gamboa, Pinheira, Guarda and Sonho.

Heading south there are the beaches of Barra, Ouvidor, Vermelha (private), Rosa, Luz, Ibiraquera, Ribanceira and Imbituba, an important harbour city.

To get to these beaches, which are very good for surfing, one has to drive along country roads. The journey is interesting, beautiful, easy (during good weather) and will give you a good picture of the region. Further south, by the main national road BR-101 you arrive at the beautiful historical town of Laguna. This place, famous for its colonial architecture, deserves some of your time. You may also go up the Santa Hill and enjoy the unforgettable view, or get a raft that will take you to the Cape and to the Santa Marta lighthouse with its large and open beaches, contrasting with the more protected ones, but still captivating. And all this beauty is enhanced by lagoons, hills, sand dunes, boats, villages and a wonderful sea.

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Reservation info

Pousada do Morro

Estrada Geral do Capão s/n, Praia da Ferrugem, Garopaba, SC

There are bedrooms (suites) and 3 flats with different sizes and number of beds.

For informations during the year call (55 51) 33 88 46 05 (march – december)

or (55 48) 99 73 40 16

From December, 20th to the end of February, summertime in Brazil,

call (55 48) 3254 0098 or write to pousada@pousadadomorro.com.br

VISA is welcome.

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